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Brand Reps

We love our Brand Reps! They are amazing and are dedicated to showing off their AE clothing.  Interested in being a brand rep? Its simple post pictures of your little one sporting Adorable Essentials on our main Facebook page! One requirement - you have to be an Adorable Essentials customer. 
Meet our Senior Rep- Kaitlyn, from Illinois.  She is as spunky as she is cute!  Kaitlyn is 2 years old (26 months), 32" tall and weighs 22 pounds.

Adorable Essentials Brand Rep


Meet our Brand Rep - London from Virginia.  She is a sweet & sassy girly girl that loves all things sparkly but she's not afraid to get dirty.  London is 6 years old, 44" tall and weighs 42 pounds. 


Meet our Brand Rep - Ruby Jane from Texas.  She is such a cutie!  Ruby Jane is 2 years old, 32" tall and weighs 26 pounds.  


Meet our Brand Rep - ScottLynn from North Carolina.  She is vivacious, a little sugar and spice, full of animation and always ready with a hug!  ScottLynn is 5 years old, 45" tall and weighs 45 pounds.

Adorable Essentials Brand Rep


Meet our Brand Rep - Azalea from Florida.  She is 3 years old, 36" and weighs 31 pounds.

Adorable Essentials Brand Rep