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In Search of Brand Reps - Fall 2017 Brand Rep Search!

Posted by Madeline Gilbert on

Love AE? Want to represent our brand and get some awesome perks while doing it? Apply to be a Brand Rep for our Fall Term starting November 1st. If you're interested, keep reading! 

Adorable Essentials will be choosing brand reps every several months to help promote our brand and business by posting images; giving us major shout outs. This is a fun way for you to get outfits for free! For those selected, we will send you free items each month plus a 25% discount that you are serving as a brand rep or and 15% for an enthusiast. Both photographers, bloggers, child models, and ordinary kiddos who love to have their picture taken will be considered. 

Here's how to qualify and how to enter: 

1. Follow Adorable Essentials on Facebook and Adorable Essentials on Instagram

2. Your Instagram account must be set to public to be considered. And, yes, you must be active on Instagram. 

3. Share the image with three friends that might be interested by tagging them on Instagram.

4. You may tag up to three photos daily with #AdorableEssentialsbrandrepsearch on both Facebook & Instagram.

5. Must be able to provide amazing photos. You don't have to have a $1000 camera with tons of attachments, or the latest smartphone with the best camera, but we want images that reflect our brand, are great quality, and cute!

6. You can also email pictures to our Marketing Coordinator Maddie at, along with a bio about your child and all of the things that make them special! 

We will be selecting the new set of Brand Reps by the end of October.

Not sure what to post? Here are just a few examples of pictures that our Brand Reps & customers have taken for us that we feel best represent Adorable Essentials! 






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