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Introducing the New Adorable Essentials Brand Reps for Winter 2017!

Posted by Madeline Gilbert on

The new term for our Brand Reps started yesterday, and we've added nine Brand Reps to our roster this term! Since you will see them in pictures on our website and social media, and even on all of the Adorable Essentials and other Boutique Facebook boards, we wanted to introduce you to each of them! 

Meet Addie Jane! Addie Jane LOVES My Little Pony, coloring and painting, and the color purple. Her favorite thing to do is play with her 7 month old baby brother, Rylan. Addie Jane's favorite AE item is simple pants because she loves wearing boots!



Meet London! London is a sweet & sassy six year old that LOVES bacon, donuts and grilled chicken. She's a girly girl that loves all things sparkly but she's not afraid to get dirty. She also enjoys drawing, painting, riding her bike and fishing & hunting with her Daddy. London & her mom have been loyal AE customers for over 3 years. Her mom says about AE, "London loves how soft & comfortable the clothing is and I love the awesome quality and the huge color selection!"



Meet Jessa! Jessa Grace is 5 years old and LOVES gymnastics. She tumbles , jumps , flips wherever she goes. Random cartwheels in stores are her thing. Jessa loves to watch YouTube videos about gymnastics too. Jessa also loves her dolls. She likes to change their clothes often and teach them how to tumble. Jessa is great at sports. She plays basketball, soccer, and softball. Her favorite sport is soccer. Jessa loves to eat apples with peanut butter. She says she likes mashed potatoes and Broccoli too. Her favorite snack is fruit Gummies.Her favorite colors are pink, blue, and purple. Jessa's favorite Adorable Essentials right now to wear is the Plaid Shirt or dress because they are so soft.



Meet Carlee! From the “Show Me” state and weighing in at 55# and 47", six year old Carlee is magnetic and feisty...and an all around lovable girl. Carlee's mom says, "We literally walk through town and she’s either saying “Hello” by name or running up to give the person a big hug." Carlee loves being outside; whether it’s exploring, playing in the backyard (practicing her cartwheel/ handstands) or sports - she is the one leading the pack. AE is a staple in Carlee's house. She loves to wear AE, and her favorite way is to we pair her essentials with Matilda Jane. Carlee loves the colors turquoise and orange and when pizza is around, she makes sure there is no leftovers. Favorite fun fact about Carlee: She LOVES math! Adding, subtracting, and constantly counting - she surely will surprise you!



Meet Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn is a sweet and sassy two year old from Illinois! She loves baby dolls, pink, bows, books, music, and dancing. Her current obsessions include Peppa Pig, Moana, and singing along to Taylor Swift. You can often find her dressed up and accessorized! Don't let her fool you....those ruffles and bows never slow her down from an impromptu dance break in the middle of a restaurant or chasing after her big brother! Her must have AE items include Bella dresses, ruffle shorts, and pearls!



Meet Scottlyn! Scottlyn is a sweet and sassy six year old who loves dressing up. She loves ballet, her brother and sister, and her two basset hounds. Her favorite toys are her baby dolls and they go everywhere with her. She loves gluten free pizza, pasta, and all of the green vegetables. When she’s not outside swinging or playing in the sandbox, you can catch her relaxing while watching Ryan Toys Review. Her favorite Adorable Essentials are her red button flair pants.



Meet Ruby Jane! Ruby Jane is a smart and spunky 2 year old, who's as sweet as her smile. She loves gymnastics, singing along to Elvis songs, playing outside, and making her big sister and brothers laugh. Her favorite AE items are almost anything from the Playground Princess collection, ruffles, and all the bows she can get her hands on.



Meet Lauren & Claire! Claire is a four year old Korean cutie! This preschooler loves penguins, anything princess, and coloring! Her favorite foods are strawberries and pancakes. She takes ballet and can't wait for the upcoming ski season to arrive! She is quite the talker, and is an awesome big sister to Lauren! At 20 months, Lauren mostly follows her big sister around. They have lots of tea parties and both love to play dress up! Lauren is sweet, independent, and sassy. She likes smoothies, her stuffed animals, Minnie Mouse, and books. Adorable Essentials have been essential for the girls in comfort and fashion!


Meet Lexi Kate! Lexi Kate is our spunky little princess. At 3 years old, she is approximately 35 inches and 32 pounds. She has an older brother, Carter, and three fur babies. Her best friend in the entire world is Bibby, her stuffed giraffe. You will often times see her in pictures with Lexi because she goes everywhere with her. (Big brother also has a giraffe, Gibby.) 
You will often find Lexi coloring or putting together puzzles. She loves to spin in circles and it is the first thing she does when trying on a new dress. Twirly dresses and bright colors are her favorite! Needless to say, the rainbow Bella dress is her current favorite AE piece. She also loves the simple pants because she always wants to wear boots. Her mommy, on the other hand, loves anything with ruffles. It’s how she got her Ruffle Ninja name!
Lexi Kate has worn Adorable Essentials for almost three years now. Lexie and her mom say AE is their favorite for pairing with Matilda Jane, Wildflowers, and Eleanor Rose. Seamist was their first purchase and is still their favorite AE color to this day!



These are our Brand Reps for the 2017 Winter Term! If you're interested in coming a Brand Rep, keep an eye out for our next Brand Rep Search! We'll be accepting applications in January for our 2018 Spring Term, which starts February 1st.

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