Winter Break!

January 16, 2018

Are you a winter person? I am not, I am the person that the first snow happens I am dancing and by the end of the week I am ready for it to be gone. One thing I love about winter is that it slows me down, I hate driving in the snow so I tend to host more than I attend events.  I have been blessed with living in an amazing subdivision and surrounded by some awesome families so that makes this time of the year fun even if it is dreary.  My kids were off Friday and Monday this last week, normally we hit the runway and head off to a weekend away but this year we opted to just stay home and have lots of play dates and have some down time.  Well we painted a room and hung some new lights, so I guess we weren't totally lazy. 

Here are some pictures of us playing on the lake behind our home. Ignore the no make-up messy hair! 

What did you do this weekend ?? 

Tammy Dalton 

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